Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With Wound – The Iron Soul Of Nothing (Ideologic Organ 2011)

Steven Stapleton & Colin Potter twist SUNN O)))'s 2000 album "ØØVOID" inside out on Nurse's dissection table.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ilyas Ahmed & Liz Harris - Visitor EP (social music record club subscription series 2011)

The band Visitor is a collaboration between Portland’s Liz Harris and Ilyas Ahmed. Some may recognize the name Liz Harris as the identity of ambient folk chanteuse Grouper. Their upcoming ep Visitor is currently nameless, introspective, drowned in ambience, and harrowing– but mostly, as with all Grouper related tunes, devastatingly beautiful. vinyl spins

Moolah - Woe Ye Demons Possessed (private 1974)

I got this record some years ago while browsing for nothing in Strange Attractor in Greece and the only thing i knew when i got it home is that it was mentioned in the NWW list
.By it's title i though it would be musically somewhere near Lucifer Rising but without all the hype. I was kinda right but it's a bit more complicated than this. Anyways if you just woke up with a desperate need of a white noise satanic mass this will make your day even worse...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Vyllies - S/T (Creep Records 1984)

Twenty seven years after its first release from the legendary “Creep Records”, the Vyllies EP (mini album) was re-released from the new-born Greek indie label “Geheimnis Records” in a limited edition version of 300 copies, so that it will keep haunting the dreams of generations of dark alternative fans to come… The band was consisting of 3 Swiss girls, Manü Moan, Ursula Nun and Ilona Prism. After this first mini LP, recorded in Greece in 1984, they made 2 full albums (1985 and 1987), o­ne 12’’ and a 7’’ single and then perished into eternal oblivion… Summer 1983 : They came to Greece for holidays, met the singer and front man of another legendary group (Yell-O-Yell) from Creep Records, Fill Scars (ΦιλώταΒασκαλή), then he introduced them to Babis Dalidis, owner of Creep Records and the rest was history… 5 tracks – 5 stories – 5 fairytales, like the o­nes, granny used to tell us, but in this case dark, gloomy and obscure… and with no happy end. “Purple Gorilla”, Whispers In The Shadow”, “Madness”, of course… “Babylon” and “Rare”. These tracks were - and still are - something like a baptism into the dark/goth-alternative music scene, to anyone who is not a newcomer, but, after his acquaintance with the big names of this music genre and the bizarre sounds of it, he enters in a purgatory-like state and it is necessary, in order to become a true and sophisticated member of this community, to have listened to these songs. A very hard to find record, which during the 90’s (mostly) and the 00’s, probably earned the attention it never had in the 80’s and became o­ne of the most expensive and sought-after records in Greece and all over the world. The prices and the myths behind them, that we’ve heard during all these years probably contributed even more to the legend of the band and the record itself… March 2011 :Geheimnis Records proudly announced the re-issue o­n vinyl of this “precious” album, trying to put an end to its unattainable status… 300 limited edition copies (now printed in England), with a record-size insert (for all of you who have lost the original small insert, the new o­ne is made for you !!!) and rare photos of the band. Last but not least, we must not forget, the black inner sleeve, which matches perfectly both the dark atmosphere of the record and the yellowish parts of its artwork. *
Anazitisi Records


Sunday, November 13, 2011

David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time (Sunday Best Recordings 2011)

I woke up by having a pinky's dream, and i knew that's it was going to be a good day today, which made me feel so glad.
I though i should join Noah's arc just to see a football game.
I know i had strange and unproductive thinking when the night bell with lightining and the stone's gone up.
This is a crazy clown time and you can say just by letting me to tell you that these are my friends.
Finally we got together in a speed rooster, movin' on  while we watch she rise up.