Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Iluminomi / There's A War Going On 10" (2011 A - Records)

I found this on my beloved Corrupted Delights yesterday and i was blown away so i couldn't stop myself from reposting it. This is the new 10" EP from Brian Jonestown Massacre on A - Records with 2 mew tracks for us shitheads enjoy some good old rock 'n' roll and we don't give a simple dime that the first song is in french! This blog enjoys everything Anton Newcombe releashes and when it's the   worst we love it the most... ROCK 'N' ROLL!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nikos Veliotis & Klaus Filip Slugabed (hibari 2011)

Few records imply unconditional certainties ever since one reads the notice of their release. In the case of Slugabed – a fusion of Nikos Veliotis’ cello’s severity with Klaus Filip’s sinewaves – we’re sure both of a first-rate artistic assertion and a direct proportion between dearth of movement and emotional response. As if some weather divinity had foreseen my listening intentions, this morning has begun with what the trade defines as a “plumbeous” sky that is pouring rain at varying levels of intensity. In the meantime, the music unfolds as expected but not less connecting, the prevalence of a droning malaise complemented by alternatively escalating and declining radiations generated by the electronics. The latter carve ample craters in the frequency surface, unhurriedly shifting the weight across the various regions of the audio spectrum. Veliotis adapts his technique to the changes, looking to maintain the extreme gradualness of the gestures also in the upper range of the instrument. Thus, don’t be fooled by the inherent conventions of the word “drone”: this is a piece whose subtleties are revealed little by little, leading the listener through diverse kinds of expression of interior silence via fading shades, brittle rigorousness and – you guessed right – large doses of gloominess. An acoustic mechanism that should be left reiterating its cycle all day long just to inhale the fumes, no matter the level of comprehension. Unfathomable or totally clear, depending – as always – on the receiver’s mindset. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thrush Metal EP (SDM records 2010)

Riot Girl perverted violence with a twist! Not your average lesbo girl trigger-happy band...
Mix this up with endless joyrides in hair salones and rumours about vogue magazine and you'll get the ultimate post glam punk attitude. A must!

The only thing a true metalhead will get out of this it's the cover only.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sylvester Anfang II - Buda Rehearsals CS (2011 who can you trust?)

A groovy, hypnotic and occult psych trip of forty minutes playing time. Limited edition 150 only cassette release on German label Who Can You Trust?. 

Elodie (Timo Van Luijk & Andrew Chalk) - Echos Pastoraux LP (la scie dorée 2011)

...Van Luijk plays the Nick Drake to Chalk’s Joe Boyd, re-imagining “Way To Blue” as a psycho-spatial investigation of the endless hues on the way to dawn with heavenly choirs of bird song over rolling acoustic guitar that could almost be taken straight from the legendary Hawaiian 1973 acid folk masterpiece, These Trails, or even the music of Harry Partch. There are shorter tracks that feel like snippets of eternal music, sudden streams but the overall feel is wide-open, pastoral. This is folk-based drone that succeeds in joining the dots between traditional rural forms and future-visioned kosmische with a gentle, celebratory aspect that is pure Chalk... volcanic tongue

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Iron Curtain - Desertion (Pylon 2007)

Iron Curtain was a minimal wave band from Santa Barbara, CA, who played regularly in the Los Angeles underground music scene. They were heavily influenced by The Cure, OMD, Joy Division, and Kraftwerk. The band released several records in small quantities even though they had a great fan base, and hence over the years these releases have gained mass cult appeal which has driven the prices of used copies up into the thousands. After several years of searching for Steve Fields (front man for the group), Pylon Records is pleased to bring the entire catalog into print for the first time on CD. Featured on the CD is the cult classic “The Condos”, the goth-club-friendly track “Tarantula Scream”, and the much-sought-after track “Legalize Heroin”, which has a stark resemblance to My Bloody Valentine.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paul Giovanni & Magnet - The Wicker Man (1973)

One thing i hate for sure it's the summer! I simply can't stand it! So if i ever hear another good word about it or it's benefits i'll put on my animal mask, hide in a mountain and worship Pan.