Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Iluminomi / There's A War Going On 10" (2011 A - Records)

I found this on my beloved Corrupted Delights yesterday and i was blown away so i couldn't stop myself from reposting it. This is the new 10" EP from Brian Jonestown Massacre on A - Records with 2 mew tracks for us shitheads enjoy some good old rock 'n' roll and we don't give a simple dime that the first song is in french! This blog enjoys everything Anton Newcombe releashes and when it's the   worst we love it the most... ROCK 'N' ROLL!


  1. Hi, Brother Ray! I just came across your blog, and I am quite impressed, I must say. I have a question for you:

    The image for your header at the top of your Blog (the woman with the two glasses containing water), is that from a particular film? or perhaps from a famous photographer?

    I love it, in other words, Ha! and would love to know where you took it from (unless it's your own?). Just curious.

    Great blog!

  2. Hello Derrick, Thank you for your good words!
    Sadly i do not own this photo, i just found it some time ago while looking for something else and it hitted me from nowhere and i knew i had to use it.

    Thank you for your good words again :)

  3. Ah, okay! I love it. Weirdness-supreme; always appealing, you know? And, of course, you are most welcome! It is amazing what random things we come across on the internet: it's truly "unlimited," isn't it? Your blog is top-notch. I discovered some weird music that I didn't know about, and I am somewhat of a connoisseur of weird, experimental, avant-garde music. One of my favorites is Ron Geesin. I'm certain that you're familiar, eh? I'm especially a fanatic of Pink Floyd's weirdness, and I specifically cache'd your site while searching for "Pink Floyd" and noticed that you had made a comment about Günter Schickert, who I had never heard before (what a treat!), in regards to one of their albums having Pink Floyd-like freak-outs, etc. I MUST get me some of their work on cd at some point--do you have any of their albums on cd?

  4. You've got a good thing going here BR. Have linked. Check out if you feel like linking too.


  5. hou've got a hell of a nice taste there Derrick! cheers

    and thank you for your good words Y Brawd! you are linked as well :)