Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Omar Souleyman – Haflat Gharbia - The Western Concerts (Sublime Frequencies 2011)

I wanted to listen to this for some days now but i kept saying i'll do it some other time...
So at 3 in the morning, smoking like a maniac i overcame my fears and ambitions believing that Omar Souleyman will be great only if he is performing in a traditional wedding in Syria  and that he is not suitable for the western culture, i said i should give it a go.
I still don't get the clear sound of the recording and i miss the "fly in the shit" C60 mire...
My final conclusion is that the "flies" died from the prolonged keyboard solos and the bigger versions of the tracks.
 It works just fine for me, but i miss the money tossing in the air, the golden watches, the bodyguards and the local Syrian television after midnight... 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Einstuerzende Neubauten – Haus Der Luege (Rough Trade 1989)

I just woke up with Feurio! stuck in my head...

Mittels Druck und Körperwärme
wird aus unserer Konfusion
eine Kernfusion
und ungeheuer
ungeheuer viel
viel Energie wird frei

Mag sein, dass es nichts nutzt
aber es beschleunigt
und wenn es nur beschleunigt
was ohnehin vergeht
ist das kein Vergehen
durchaus zu verstehen
und ein Grund mehr fuer Feurio!

Marinus, Marinus, hoerst du mich?
Marinus, Marinus, du warst es nicht
es war Koenig Feurio!

Nur die halbe Welt ist Teflon und Asbest
der Rest ist brennbar
und mitunter angezuendet
ganz munter anzuschaun
so lichterloh
und alles fuer Koenig Feurio!

Du bist das Licht der Welt
mit dem wir uns vermischen
bist nicht zu unterscheuden ó Wer… Wer?
Dann haben wir entschieden
sind entschieden
leicht entflammbar und brisant
unstillbar wenn entbrannt
fuer Koenig Feurio!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Otomo Hava - Sarkoma Caposi (Pigdurt Productions 2011)

I've heard this a couple of years ago and i was looking forward for it. To be honest i am stunned by the artwork and the whole decomposition that reeks from Sarcoma Caposi. 

De-Composed, Edited, Recorded, Mixed & Engineered By Thomas Havales, January - June 2007 at Domm Studio, Athens, Greece.

Originally self-released at 50 handnumbered copies, 2008.
Reissued by Pigdurt Productions at 20 copies, March 2011 (Never surfaced, though).


released 01 March 2011
Thomas Havales - Tapes, Effects, Synths, Shortwave radios, Turntable, Electric Guitar, Soprano Recorder, Samples, Keyboard

Artwork by Thomas Havales

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Κατερίνα Γώγου - Στο Δρόμο (EMI 1981)

...Our lifes are strikes from a knife in dead ends
rotten teeth, wiped out marking on walls
Smell of urine, antiseptics and damaged sperms
Ripped out posters
Up and down, 
Up and down at Patission Street
Our life is Patission Street
We stay there
All of our live travelling the same route
loneliness, despair and the oposite
Ok... we don't cry
we grew up
Only when it rains
hidden we suck at our finger
and we smoke
Our life is unnecessary vegetables
on arranged strikes
vigilantes and patrol cars
That's why i'm saying,
the next time they are going to shoot us
we shouldn't run away
we should weigh
don't sell out our skins cheap!
It' rains...
Give me a cigarette...

Félicia Atkinson - The Driver (hibernate 2011)

Félicia Atkinson was stirred to create The Driver after embarking upon a four month trip to the US last Summer. Journeying by car but unable to drive herself, she was thus free to fully appreciate the scenery and became particularly enamoured with the romantic Cascadian landscape of the Pacific Northwest which has proven so inspirational to artists and musicians for generations...

Anyways this is a great album for a warm welcome to the autumn, now that all of the nasty summer's joys are long gone and almost forgoten.