Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Otomo Hava - Sarkoma Caposi (Pigdurt Productions 2011)

I've heard this a couple of years ago and i was looking forward for it. To be honest i am stunned by the artwork and the whole decomposition that reeks from Sarcoma Caposi. 

De-Composed, Edited, Recorded, Mixed & Engineered By Thomas Havales, January - June 2007 at Domm Studio, Athens, Greece.

Originally self-released at 50 handnumbered copies, 2008.
Reissued by Pigdurt Productions at 20 copies, March 2011 (Never surfaced, though).


released 01 March 2011
Thomas Havales - Tapes, Effects, Synths, Shortwave radios, Turntable, Electric Guitar, Soprano Recorder, Samples, Keyboard

Artwork by Thomas Havales

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