Thursday, February 24, 2011

A haunting melange of urban savagery and decadent decay....

The Wasted Youth of Lucifer over London between other cliches...
No this is not a repost Current's 93 LP again. I've done this last year anyway.

I just want to anounce to all of my fellow imaginary friends / readers (i am sure that they don't exist though) that i am leaving for London in a few days and this will be my last post for the next 2 weeks or so...
Anyways i am leaving you in the sweet arms of Wasted Youth's (U.K.) Wild & Wondering which came out by Cherry Red in 1981.

Final words... I wish you all dark dwellers out there to have half of the fun that i am planning to have at London, and believe me it's more than enough.... :)

Wish me bon voyage and get Wasted Youth here

Six Organs of Admittance - Asleep On The Floodplain (Drag City 2011)

While San Francisco guitarist Ben “Six Organs of Admittance” Chasny has put out records consistently since the mid-’90s, he changed the game, hard, with the ‘05 release School of the Flower, A full studio setup served to “elevate his rusty drones and Robbie Basho-inspired folk figures to completely different realms.” Following that ‘un, he created a series of increasingly complex and stylish neo-psych long-players (making use of the LP format to create projects best heard within it, front-to-back), culminating in 2009’s gloriously weird and diverse Luminous Night.

Long-haulers may regard this new joint, Asleep on the Floodplain as a bit of a throwback to earlier records such as Dark Noontide and particularly Compathia — the music Chasny recorded in his living room — and that will not be wholly inaccurate. While Asleep On the Floodplain (his sixth project with Chicago’s Drag City label in as many years) retains the professional studio clarity, it bothers less with the cerebral experimentation, hewing closer to the simple acoustic meditations of simpler days.

At least, Floodplain is ultimately simple. “Dawn, Running Home” rests on several layers of noisy musique concrete, but still drives in its charming embedded melody. The entrancing 12-minute “S/word and Leviathan” begins with some of Chasny’s most sophisticated acoustic guitar work and blends in layers of noise until it pins the meters, but it’s still more about the mood than the composition, and neither is really anything too fancy. Even the disc’s weirdest track, the reverb-and-drone bath “River of My Youth,” sounds, in context, much gentler and more grounded than the sum of its arbitrary parts.

Despite his irrepressible psychedelic and prog instincts, Ben Chasny has always been fluent enough in folk and the blues to justify his weirdest whimsy. That’s probably why the “freak folk” bubble never damaged his credibility. With Asleep On the Floodplain, Chasny returns not just to his personal “roots,” but also to the roots of popular music itself. He gets back to nature, or as close as can be expected. It’s a surprising, refreshing shift of focus.

Download link removed by request

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boyd Rice - Hatesville (1995)

This album suits me just fine right now.
 Don't ask why, just read my previous article on the subject that i posted earlier.


I hate human nature sometimes, i just can't stand it....
I am using this note as a fact that i am shocked and pissed as well for one and only reason. To read this all again and burn my rage correctlyin a couple of days.
You see Brother Ray Says got attacked by a 55plus years old man who calls himself your fellow citizen. I don't like violence, i find it childish and stupid as i said again some minutes ago after speaking with someone that i treasure much. It's even funny if you see this sight across your street. Picture this: a mad old man fighting another man in his 30's for no real reason at all... Not really my style.
 How can you describe him? A human? not really... An animal? well most of the animals i've ever seen are kinder and a lot more delicate than this!
My reaction to the whole thing is cold inner rage. I don't want to get in other ways or even crossing my paths with people i don't care at all.  As the few of you that you will read this can imagine the thing didn't ended right at all 
and as a result i made one more enemy.

Final words of wisdom:
You know I'd rather be your enemy
Than hear you call me friend

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cpt.Corvus - My Heart Belongs To...Corvus (self-releashed 2011)

Cpt.Corvus (aka Corvus) releashed their new material after 7 long years. The band goes semi fictional semi autobiografical once again so i will spend some of your time to analyse some of the tracks one last time.
The thing goes like this:
1.Pedophalus - Children born with big gifts in their hands to play... It was recorded near xmass
2.PlayStation Eleven - Another hate song about our dear friends. we still hate you and we still hope of you to die... Just gegt over it.
3.SSS - A nice little song in the same path once walked by Sickboy and Zero - 5 about Sodomy, Satanism, Socialing and other pretty stuff like living in the city
4.Thermosiphonus - Autobiografical song about Comet Therm almost a nuclear factory
5.Bar$uck$ - Another hate song, a bit old and a bit rusty
6.Boys Don't Cry - Yes it's a Cure cover...
7. Like A Rolling Stone - Nice Greek Redneck outro. just for FUN, killing and hopefully it'll bring you terror.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dirty Beaches - S/T CS (2009)

Haunted nostalgia of a fucked up american dream...

Dirty Beaches - Seaside EP (2008)

Warm fuzz that adds weight to your eyelids when the sun dips out of sight at the end of a day on the beach or the comfort of hiking up the collar of your winter coat on a peaceful walk home on the first cold, crisp night.

Dirty Beaches - Horror LP (2008)

"Grainy nightmare drones and clanks creeping out of a radio tuned to somewhere we’re not supposed to know about" - Warren Ellis on "In Dreams"

Dirty Beaches - Bird EP (2008)

Seven tracks of mellow ghostly atmosphere with an almost a jazzy outlook...

Dirty Beaches

Sailor at heart.
A sleepwalking through late night cinemas, along a kaleidoscope backdrop of skylines, and midnight train rides. 
I will upload for you 4 Dirty Beaches releases today so bring your cigarettes...