Thursday, February 10, 2011


I hate human nature sometimes, i just can't stand it....
I am using this note as a fact that i am shocked and pissed as well for one and only reason. To read this all again and burn my rage correctlyin a couple of days.
You see Brother Ray Says got attacked by a 55plus years old man who calls himself your fellow citizen. I don't like violence, i find it childish and stupid as i said again some minutes ago after speaking with someone that i treasure much. It's even funny if you see this sight across your street. Picture this: a mad old man fighting another man in his 30's for no real reason at all... Not really my style.
 How can you describe him? A human? not really... An animal? well most of the animals i've ever seen are kinder and a lot more delicate than this!
My reaction to the whole thing is cold inner rage. I don't want to get in other ways or even crossing my paths with people i don't care at all.  As the few of you that you will read this can imagine the thing didn't ended right at all 
and as a result i made one more enemy.

Final words of wisdom:
You know I'd rather be your enemy
Than hear you call me friend

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