Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cpt.Corvus - My Heart Belongs To...Corvus (self-releashed 2011)

Cpt.Corvus (aka Corvus) releashed their new material after 7 long years. The band goes semi fictional semi autobiografical once again so i will spend some of your time to analyse some of the tracks one last time.
The thing goes like this:
1.Pedophalus - Children born with big gifts in their hands to play... It was recorded near xmass
2.PlayStation Eleven - Another hate song about our dear friends. we still hate you and we still hope of you to die... Just gegt over it.
3.SSS - A nice little song in the same path once walked by Sickboy and Zero - 5 about Sodomy, Satanism, Socialing and other pretty stuff like living in the city
4.Thermosiphonus - Autobiografical song about Comet Therm almost a nuclear factory
5.Bar$uck$ - Another hate song, a bit old and a bit rusty
6.Boys Don't Cry - Yes it's a Cure cover...
7. Like A Rolling Stone - Nice Greek Redneck outro. just for FUN, killing and hopefully it'll bring you terror.


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