Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sonic Youth - Simon Werner A Disparu O.S.T. (SYR - 2011)

...And this is how your day starts great! I'm drinking my morning coffee, i smoke like a maniac and i'm listening to the new Sonic Youth's album. Let's hope that Kim's and Thurston's hounds won't put us in jail for this upload. But the reasons i'm doing this is for the respect i always had for them.
So get the album here, listen to it and go buy it at March when it comes out.

P.S. A special thanks goes to Corrupted Delights for posting this at the first place. Cheers

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whitehouse - Bird Seed (Susan Lawly 2003)

You want some nice words about this?
Well there are not...
Just read the cover.
Noise with a meaning is sometimes hard to find at 6:15

Various Artists - Secret Museum of Mankind: East Africa 1925-48 (yazoo 1998)

No Fun, No Groove, No Coolness!
Rub this dirty disc at your face while you are listening to audiophile artifacts of a clean museum.


Friday, January 14, 2011

The Anals - Commando Of Love 7" (sweet rot 2006)

Debut, and quite possibly only, release from this two-piece digital-punk band from the wild streets of Metz, France. The tragic story is that one-half of this band (Benoit) passed away in late 2007, leaving this batch of recordings out of which Sweet Rot cherry-picked this single, although I've heard much of their output via CDR and this seems to be just the tip of the old iceberg. With links to AH Kraken and Electric Guitars and part of Le Grande Triple Alliance Internationalle de L'Est , whose triple pronged cross logo you've probably noticed on records by Feeling of Love, Normals (Seb Normal handled the recording on this) and other French genre-benders. "Commando of Love" is a synth-droner that tells a story of love in WWII. "Wake Up You're Dead" fills the flipside with a digital take on relentless Brainbombs-like beat-hammering awash with freeform guitar damage and desperate vocals. For fans of the more evil side of French gluewave. Scum stats: first 100 on white, the other 400 on black. Sweet Rot scores major points with this last batch of sleeves as well, wonderful glued pockets on textured paper with stark b&w art.


Winter Drones - Blood In The Coffin (weird forest 2010)

Leon Dufficy is primarily known as guitarist in the hippie-jam outfit, Hush Arbors but now, he steps into his own as the driving force behind Winter Drones. Sounding like the perfect combination of fuzzed-out ambient drift, shoegaze swirl and propulsive pop sensibilities, Winter Drones have slowly gained attention in their native UK with a handful of obscure CDr/cassette releases and compilation appearances. Earlier this year, the band's debut album,BLOOD IN THE COFFIN, came out as a limited-edition tape on UK micro-label, Sexbeat Records.
While legions of artists are mining the ambient style, Dufficy stands out because of his ability to develop his soundscapes, infusing them with a touch of melody to impart a sense of emotion. Songs like the lead-off track, "Watch Your Eyes", set the mood perfectly while "Bongs Dream" shows Dufficy's intuitive understanding that the perfectly weighted note/chord can add tremendous emotional resonance to an atmospheric piece.
But Dufficy isn't some common Nu-Age denizen and the album really shines when the drums come in and the band rocks out. "Winnie Cooper's Bones" and "Two Long Weeks Part 2" find Dufficy perfectly capable of crafting memorable songs that stick with the listener. The album's centerpiece, "Stiff Wizard", serves as a thesis statement for the entire album. Over 10+ minutes, the track starts with flanged/fuzzed guitars swishing about and sounding like jet engines on a runway. As the piece builds towards take-off, a simple radar-like melody begins pinging and the song takes flight when the drums and driving guitar chords launch in -- a perfect microcosm of the whole record.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Corvus - Live Bougioums (bootleg 2005)

This is a time lost bootleg that came to light at 2005. The dynamic duo of George and Bill hired a MAGICAL drummer by the simple name Crowley and another guitarist called Sadistic Butcher for unleashing pure grind for their fans for one and only performance...

Corvus - ...Made Me Do It (self releashed 2004)

As i promised to all of you friends and foes of this fine blog i will continue to post all of the tapes and stuff about Corvus as a musical diary that came as a result of the 30's something midlife crisis.
This is the second tape that made corvus even bigger and lovable (and not in a cute way) in our heads. 
The musical style is quite the same and i dont want to repeat myself for how AWESOME this band really is!
So now again i will sit down and write some stuff about the tracks... I always believed that it was hilarious to know a tiny bit of the story that comes behind the growls and screams.


1.Save the planet... Corvus GOES GREEN!!!
3.Bishop... A song about the Christianity, the Vatican and children abuse
4.Corvus... maybe the biggest track. We had to make a title track!
5.Bring Back The Cat... Once a cat were lost, nothing else to be said.
6.Kill P.T.... A hate song... Not only we know who you are, and we know where you leave but we also paid you a small visit!
7.The Ballad Of Soulfailed... Another hate song... The perfect drug for burning up the past
8.Bus Stastion 11... Yet another hate song... Pure goregrind better heard from the live version i will upload a bit later.

Eat your heart out, puke, make out with your self and enjoy!!

Corvus - Sick Boy 7" (self releashed 2003)

This was releashed by us as a small gift for our friends and it was given for free...
Rumors say that there is a b-side track with Sick Boy in a Groove trance ultra dark minimal techno groove mix...


Corvus - Vomitorium (self releashed 2003)

Vomitorium came to life at 2003 as a reaction of band vendettas, self nihilism, escape from boredom, lots of booze, various bar fights, dirty middle fingers, and i want to steal some of your time to get you to know us a little better.About music(k) now... Awesome Low-Fi production almost analog with shitty drum machine, killer basslines, hot rockin' guitars, tortured screams and death growls!

Resently the band came back to life at the fall of 2010 so we prodused one more track to see how it goes. The fucking nerve still exists so this is the reason i will burst your balls with tons of uploads about Corvus!

 Almost behind every track is a story that was taken part of my life when i was 23 years old and thirsty for goregrind so i will explain the tracks in a few words...

1.Brain Excavation... Just an intro nothing more to ask
2.Toxic Bread... Unhealthy biological prodacts as to be heard in a long trip with a bus
3.Sick Boy... Our Masterpiece(?) There was a roumor the the band made a video for this no onw want to remember it... LOL
4.Infernal Bougioum...Turkish spells and witchcraft upon our countless enemies!
5.Greek Oriental... Self nihilism about ripping this little cover up your face becouse we can do it.
6.Possessed By Demons... An actual story about possession and drugs as seen in the small screen.
7.Sexual Rejection... George's track mostly. An urban hymn about advises to mix up girls and booze
8.Finishing Foroum... A joke about the internet maybe? i don't quite remember.

And this was only the first hit... enjoy!

Corvus on Myspace here