Thursday, January 6, 2011

Corvus - ...Made Me Do It (self releashed 2004)

As i promised to all of you friends and foes of this fine blog i will continue to post all of the tapes and stuff about Corvus as a musical diary that came as a result of the 30's something midlife crisis.
This is the second tape that made corvus even bigger and lovable (and not in a cute way) in our heads. 
The musical style is quite the same and i dont want to repeat myself for how AWESOME this band really is!
So now again i will sit down and write some stuff about the tracks... I always believed that it was hilarious to know a tiny bit of the story that comes behind the growls and screams.


1.Save the planet... Corvus GOES GREEN!!!
3.Bishop... A song about the Christianity, the Vatican and children abuse
4.Corvus... maybe the biggest track. We had to make a title track!
5.Bring Back The Cat... Once a cat were lost, nothing else to be said.
6.Kill P.T.... A hate song... Not only we know who you are, and we know where you leave but we also paid you a small visit!
7.The Ballad Of Soulfailed... Another hate song... The perfect drug for burning up the past
8.Bus Stastion 11... Yet another hate song... Pure goregrind better heard from the live version i will upload a bit later.

Eat your heart out, puke, make out with your self and enjoy!!

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