Thursday, January 6, 2011

Corvus - Vomitorium (self releashed 2003)

Vomitorium came to life at 2003 as a reaction of band vendettas, self nihilism, escape from boredom, lots of booze, various bar fights, dirty middle fingers, and i want to steal some of your time to get you to know us a little better.About music(k) now... Awesome Low-Fi production almost analog with shitty drum machine, killer basslines, hot rockin' guitars, tortured screams and death growls!

Resently the band came back to life at the fall of 2010 so we prodused one more track to see how it goes. The fucking nerve still exists so this is the reason i will burst your balls with tons of uploads about Corvus!

 Almost behind every track is a story that was taken part of my life when i was 23 years old and thirsty for goregrind so i will explain the tracks in a few words...

1.Brain Excavation... Just an intro nothing more to ask
2.Toxic Bread... Unhealthy biological prodacts as to be heard in a long trip with a bus
3.Sick Boy... Our Masterpiece(?) There was a roumor the the band made a video for this no onw want to remember it... LOL
4.Infernal Bougioum...Turkish spells and witchcraft upon our countless enemies!
5.Greek Oriental... Self nihilism about ripping this little cover up your face becouse we can do it.
6.Possessed By Demons... An actual story about possession and drugs as seen in the small screen.
7.Sexual Rejection... George's track mostly. An urban hymn about advises to mix up girls and booze
8.Finishing Foroum... A joke about the internet maybe? i don't quite remember.

And this was only the first hit... enjoy!

Corvus on Myspace here


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