Monday, March 28, 2011

German Oak - Nibelungenlied (1976)

This is just the second coming of Third Reigh EVOL Rockers German Oak (in a negative diverted meaning)
dig it!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hala Strana - Compendium (self-released 2011)

Finally some new material from Hala Strana. I'd really love to see a really nice packaging like he did on 

Heave The Gambrel Roof back 2007. Anyways anything new from steven r. smith is keeping me happy. 

In his own words now: 
New Hala Strana release Compendium is now available via download only. This is a compilation of unreleased, e.p., 7", and bonus tracks that were recorded between 2002 and 2007. Steven R. Smith

Various Artists - Brass Pins & Match Heads - International 78s (Mississippi 2011)

Ian Nagoski's 2nd big collection of 78s (following 'String of Pearls') leans toward super-obscure, unheard international sides, but tosses in a couple of well-worn hits to keep you on your toes. And it works. The queen of fado suddenly seems as smooth as Ella Fitzgerald compared to the tearjerking anguish of Macedonian folk singer Vaska Ilieva. The spikes in Jelly Roll Morton piano pieces are only highlighted when stacked up against the cutting & twisting harmonics of George Katsaros' rembetika guitar. Hear Persian classical music yodels, spectral & aching girl harmonies, people pretending to be cows, bereaved Native American wood flutes, and more old sides that will crack open your cold heart. Tracklisting: Taj Isfahani-Chekawak Va Bidad, Juan Parras del Morral-Asturias, George Stabler-Omaha Flute Music, Fautino Santalices-Lonxe de Terrina, Vaska Ilieva-Air Da Ne Storish Majka, George Katsaros-Vre Mangas Pou Mai Go, Hagami & Mohni-Ghumar, Jodlerklob Thun-Alpufzug, Col. Ali Naqi Vaziri-Tar Solo in ARaz Esfahan of the Great Radif, Django Reinhardt-Appel Direct, Santuri Recep & Kucuk Cemal-Harmandali Zeybek, Jelly Roll Morton-The Crave, Amalia Rodrigues-Nao e Desgraca Ser Pobre.

Download link removed by request

Various Artists - Luk Thung: Classic & Obscure 78s from the Thai Countryside (Parlortone 2011)

Fourteen outstanding funky performances of Thai country groove music from the 1950s and early 1960s. All previously un-reissued, carefully transferred and mastered from the original 78rpm records and presented with detailed full color liner notes. Compiled by David Murray, with notes by Peter Doolan. Murray is a 78rpm collector and the curator of Haji Maji, a blog dedicated to Asian music from the 78 rpm era. He also plays Greek Rebetika music, is a fiddler for the old-time Squirrelly Stringband, and is graphic designer. Peter Doolan spent the last year in Bangkok researching the music of Thailand. He shares his passion for Thai music through Monrakplengthai: Enchanting Sounds of Thailand.luk Thung is the down home, funky "Country Music" of Thailand that blossomed as rural Thais migrated to Bangkok for work in the 1950s and 60s. "Luk Thung" evolved out of a complex stew of traditional folk styles and international influences. Wild accordions and Latin horn sections mingle with Thai hand drums and finger cymbals, while exquisite vocalists swagger and sing stories about life's struggles. For fans of the Sublime Frequencies' Molam and Thai Pop Spectacular series, as well as the Thai Beat A Go Go LPs on Subliminal sounds, "Luk Thung: Classic & Obscure 78s From The Thai Countryside" is the missing piece of the puzzle: the origins, the home-spun, country roots behind the electric movements to come. *Piccadilly Records

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Gkfoes Vjgoaf - Spirit Dance (full of nothing 2011)

America's Sean Conrad has been able to channel quite a few very important vibes here. Spirits obviously dance to this tape! Many slow raga-like grooves meet abstract sunny guitar and vocal rumble, when not intervened by ecstatic vocal bursts and ritual bells and cymbals. Moving back and forth, keeping things in balance Sean goes along a narrow path of calm self-reflection and observation, dancing to his own heartbeat, setting his mind at ease. "Every breath and every bow is a gesture of the soul." Namaste. Gold paper stock J-cards. Edition of 50. 

Stereolab / Nurse With Wound - Crumb Duck (1993)

The Story behind this 10" is familiar with both of NWW and Stereolab fans. It is the first colaboration behind those two. With Stapleton basically re-mixing and reproducing some Stereolab songs blah blah blah. If you also add into this the wonderful Animal or Vegetable (A Wonderful Wooden Reason ......) you got something that is quite amazing for both bands fans.

As usual i have my reasons for uploading this gem for all you my dear imaginary friends. My trip to London the last week filled my head with such a  great time, my memory card full of pointless photos (to all except than me) and my record bag filled with some really nice LP's to laugh at tourists at the airport for their nasty taste in souvenirs... But who i am kidding? I am still glad that i  didn't got busted at the airport for bringing in this shitty country Bob Freedman's Music To Strip By with a near mint cover and the g-string in a mint condintion (the person who sold me this said that it's hopefully not worn...) still attached to the cover... High Times!