Sunday, March 18, 2012

KGB - Sound Of Paranoia CS(private 1998)

In the age of 19 and 31 years old people that  are willing to buy the new LP from ANTI... and dozens of minimal synth crap buried in dusty basements until cool haired hipsters discovered them from the internet . Simply add to this  all of the hype that the old CS format is enjoying without any reason at all, besides nostalgia and the difficulty to reproduse these days. 
The KGB cs is a pure  hysteric mindfuck . 
It's not good, it has no hype at all, it reminds me why a pentium 1 processor had terrible music programs, and why techno should sound  bad as it was supposed to be.
 In 1997 i wanted to do a split with them as Cpt.Corvus but for some reason it never happened. As i am listening to it now i can't deside if it's for the best or worst.
Final words of wisdom, this will make you shave your  moustache or grow one like Peter Selleck, even if you always wanted to be like Big Bart that you are not and you will never be. 

Friday, March 2, 2012


I placed the candle on the ground
The ritual had begun

(This is another version of the one i posted some time ago)