Thursday, February 24, 2011

A haunting melange of urban savagery and decadent decay....

The Wasted Youth of Lucifer over London between other cliches...
No this is not a repost Current's 93 LP again. I've done this last year anyway.

I just want to anounce to all of my fellow imaginary friends / readers (i am sure that they don't exist though) that i am leaving for London in a few days and this will be my last post for the next 2 weeks or so...
Anyways i am leaving you in the sweet arms of Wasted Youth's (U.K.) Wild & Wondering which came out by Cherry Red in 1981.

Final words... I wish you all dark dwellers out there to have half of the fun that i am planning to have at London, and believe me it's more than enough.... :)

Wish me bon voyage and get Wasted Youth here


  1. wasted youth were a great band, never got enough recognition really, saw them quite a few times and each time they were awesome

  2. i agree with you 100% Dray. their guitarist joined later Flesh for Lulu if i am not wrong.

  3. Brother Ray,
    Its a fucked up world we live in. Cold, cruel, calculating... I have learned to walk far from strangers and to embrace my close family becuz in reality thats all U got. I don't believe in violence either but I do believe in revenge. Try to put the whole episode out of your mind and have an awesome time in London. BTW great blog!

  4. I couldn't agree more with you red_lipstick... I already putted the whole thing behind me and had the time of my life in London for a week. I am sorry that i couldn't post this comment earlier. thank you for your good words, and let me say congrats on your wonderfull taste in music, films and blogs!