Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Omar Souleyman – Haflat Gharbia - The Western Concerts (Sublime Frequencies 2011)

I wanted to listen to this for some days now but i kept saying i'll do it some other time...
So at 3 in the morning, smoking like a maniac i overcame my fears and ambitions believing that Omar Souleyman will be great only if he is performing in a traditional wedding in Syria  and that he is not suitable for the western culture, i said i should give it a go.
I still don't get the clear sound of the recording and i miss the "fly in the shit" C60 mire...
My final conclusion is that the "flies" died from the prolonged keyboard solos and the bigger versions of the tracks.
 It works just fine for me, but i miss the money tossing in the air, the golden watches, the bodyguards and the local Syrian television after midnight... 


  1. Jazeera Nights is the only one I've listened to, and it's wonderful! Looking forward to this ... thanks very much!

  2. You are welcome mate. Give a listen to the first Omar Souleyman's LP from Sublime Frequencies Highway To Hassake. I think it's the best ever came out. Cheers!