Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Various Artists - Ultimate Horror Rock 'N' Roll Vol.1 (cd-r)

Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled!
 Shelter your weak, your young and your old!
 Each of you shall pay the final sum!
 Cry for mercy! the reckoning has come!

A big thanx goes to Miss Anthropy for owning this cd-r 

Happy Halloween 


  1. hey there....i really love this collection! I've downloaded it twice now and some of the songs skip like crazy! maybe re-up if you don't hate doing that....ps...what's the cover image from?

  2. Hello Kevin, I'm afraid there where no linear notes inside the cd, so the cover is just a photo i took from the cover. i dont know anything more about it.
    About the songs, i tried to upload it but the cd is skipping some tracks. it's nothing to do with your download, it's just that the disc is kinda old. Thanks for your good words though :-)


  3. hi bro_ray! thanks for the good music you are sharing with us! where is the photo of the orchestra up above the page,is taken from?

  4. hey, i was looking for black and white WW2 photos the other day and i found this one. You are as clueless as i.