Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Creelpolation 1 - 7" Singles (1961 - 1972)

Creel Pone was initially set up as a vehicle for small, CD sized reproductions of vintage and obscure electronic record covers, with strict attention to detail, though at first there was no actual music involved. The source material for these came from the personal collection of "Mr. Creel Pone" himself. Soon, after high demand, the actual music started to be included on CD-R, via high quality vinyl transfers. Each title is created in a limited edition run of 100, and packaged to appear as miniature lp sleeves, complete with mylar plastic slip covers and the ubiquitous Creel Pone sticker - all creating a very appealing product.

The music represented is typically of the avant-garde variety, yet covers a vast plethora of sounds:
from early concrete explorations, to egghead spacetronics, to novelty cult records, to dissonant library noise, the odd "tuneful" diversion on occasion, and everything else in the wide, mostly uncharted world of electronics.

Creel Pone remains an unauthorized/bootleg venture. These are not official releases, however, due to the extreme obscurity of the titles, they remain an invaluable resource for much of this long-lost, long-forgotten music.

To celebrate their 50th release, the great Creel Pone label whipped up a 3 disc set of 7 inches, rarities, and collected oddness. Volume 1 has lots of short tracks and some more famous names like
Daphne Oram or Vladimir Ussachevsky.

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