Thursday, July 15, 2010

LA Vampires + Zola Jesus (not not fun 2010)

Virtual reality trans-time zone collab between So-Cal sample sister LA Vampires and Madison, WI (though soon to be LA!) neo-Siouxsie Zola Jesus. Despite the distance the respective vibes vibe beautifully. Cold dub rhythms echo down grimy corridors while heartbroken tag-team femme howls come bleeding out of the horizon drenched in spectral delay. There’s a few bangers (“Bone Is Bloodstone,” “Looking In”), a few ballads (“In The Desert,” “Vous”), and a couple quasi-covers (“Searching,” “No No No”), so every mood is given its due. Local photographer (and drummer) extraordinaire Caitlin C. Mitchell even lays down some smoky trumpet on one track. Additional deep space Moog and production duties were handled by City Terrace studio wizard M. Geddes Gengras. A dark, gleaming gem of a 12”, and cool step sideways for both artists. 45 RPM black vinyl LPs in disco-hole sleeves with artwork and layout by Manda Beth Brown. Edition of 600.

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