Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Porter Twin Disc Music Box - Music Box Waltzes and Popular Tunes (Rooster Records 1982)

released in 1982 on LP

recorded July 1982 at Rooster Records, Bethel, Vermont, United States

This album of waltzes and popular tunes is Porter Music Box's second LP, and further demonstrates the incredibly bright and beautiful sound of the world's finest parlor music box. Each Porter music box is a masterpiece of modern acoustical technology and old world craftsmanship, and produces a sound unequaled by even the best music boxes of old. This album, and "Music Box Christmas", Porter's first album, are the only recordings available today of a twin disc music box from a new manufacturer.
The Porter family continues in the tradition of the mastercraftsmen who produced the first music boxes nearly two centuries ago. Their dedication to those high standards of craftsmanship can be heard in the unique musical quality of this twin disc recording.
(from the liner notes)


Side One

1. Blue Danube Waltz {2:01}

2. Lenola Waltz {2:04}

3. Tales of the Vienna Woods {1:58}

4. Wiener Blut Waltz {2:02}

5. Roses from the South {2:05}

6. Skater's Waltz {2:07}

7. Rippling Waves Waltz {1:57}

8. Artist's Life Waltz {1:59}

9. Ein Walzertraum, Piccolo, Piccolo Tsin Tsin, Tsin {2:01}

Side Two

1. The Entertainer {1:55}

2. Edelweiss {2:02}

3. The Music Box Dancer {2:02}

4. Lara's Theme {2:06}

5. A Time for Us {2:01}

6. Over the Rainbow {1:56}

7. You Light Up My Life {2:00}

8. Send in the Clowns {1:52}

9. Don't Cry for Me Argentina {1:59}

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  1. The Porter music boxes are astounding! Especially the big twin disc players. Go to youtube and pull up some of the Porter music box videos and you will be amazed on the sound quality! It's like your in Carnegie Hall.