Saturday, December 12, 2009

Voice Of The Seven Woods - 4 EP's

It has been great to see over the past couple of days a huge amount being written about the recently departed Jack Rose. You do a quick search of his name and everywhere from Pitchfork Media, Brooklyn Vegan, Brainwashed and Arthur Mag to little blogs, record labels, venues and forums crop up. Sad loss to music. Best wishes go out to all his family and friends. RIP Jack.

Rick Tomlinson is another fantastic guitarist, probably my favourite stylistically of the modern crop. When he does decide to sing you also find he's hiding a rather good voice, vaguely resembling Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree ('heatwave' on the Tchantinler disc may make you agree?).

His Voice of the Seven Woods project has now moved on to become
Voice of the Seven Thunders and they played their first show a couple of nights ago, supporting Six Organs of Admittance and Ignatz in Shepherd's Bush. News of an imminent 7" and an LP due in Feb 2010 got me all excited and digging out all of my VotSW releases, hence this post.

Here are four of his EPs (all at 320kbps mp3):
Tchantinler, Solo Guitar Recordings, The Far Golden Peak (Part One) and Seventh Step. A few others may come in a future post. Personally I think all are fantastic and well worth leaving on repeat for hours, but if I were to recommend just one I'd probably go with the 'Solo Guitar Recordings' release. Hope you go and enjoy them all.

Voice of the Seven Woods


1. First Light
2. Heatwave
3. Transition
4. Journey to Sanahin
5. The Rain


Solo Guitar Recordings

1. The Furnace
2. Spring
3. A Lonely Mind
4. A Meditation Upon Death


The Far Golden Peak (Part One)

1. The Far Golden Peak (Part One)


Seventh Step

1. Seventh Step
2. Blizzard of Two
3. Broken Hearts
4. Eight Red Lights Atop the Hill


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