Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anthology Of Dutch Electronic Tape Music Vol.1 (1955-1966)

Followers of the Basta label's releases will know exactly what sort of standard to expect from this first installment of theirAnthology Of Dutch Electronic Tape Music Vol.1 (1955-1966).

From the label that reintroduced the world to the works of
Dick Raijmakers and his fellow pioneers of early Dutch electronic music - not to mention the madcap inventions of Raymond Scott - comes another indispensable piece of musical archeology. The kind of sonic invention here is truly something to be marvelled at, with pieces like Axel Meijer's "Werkstuk 1964" and Ton De Leeuw's "Antiphonie" (1960) leaving a particular impression thanks to their enduringly apparent innovation and timeless compositional elegance.

Just like
OHM (reupped !) - it's a pretty incredible overview of early experimental electronic music. Anyone interested in the various strands of electronic music's history would do well to investigate the material gathered here, because it fills in yet another gap in the increasingly well documented story of electroacoustic music's evolution. Very highly recommended.

Originally released as a limited edition double LP in the late 1970s.


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