Monday, May 3, 2010

Charles Manson - The love And Terror Cult (1968)

The love And Terror Cult is the debut album by Charles Manson, originally released by Awareness Records. Recorded on September 11,1967 and August 9, 1968 (overdubs), its distribution began during the Manson murder trial by Phil Kaufman who initially pressed a run of 2000 copies, that of which only 300 sold. He later approached ESP-Diskabout putting out the album in hopes for a wider circulation, which they agreed to.

The cover is a copy of the December 19, 1969 Time Life front cover, on which Manson had appeared, only with "LIFE" substituted with "LIE."

"Cease to Exist" had been previously recorded by the Beach Boysunder the name "Never Learn Not to Love," and it appears both on their1969album, 20/20, and as the B-side of the single of "Bluebirds over the Mountain." The single gives songwriting credit to Manson andDennis Wilson. Manson is not given co-writing credit on the album. It is worth pointing out that the Beach Boys's version includes such significant changes as the inclusion of a bridge that was not part of Manson's version, and the change of the line "Cease to exist" to "Cease to resist," which alters the meaning of the song... anyway i wanted to upload this record for a long long time...


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