Monday, May 24, 2010

Julian Lynch - Mare (olde english spelling bee 2010)

The last time we wrote about Julian Lynch we ended up going on this weird mind journey about leathery old dudes playing shitty guitars in front of lakes. This time, Lynch turns down the brain-frying, sunburned solos and gets pastoral. He’s layering hypnotic guitar and soft drone loops in a way that makes us want to chill in a big sweater and watch a horse eat grass for like five hours at once. It’s like a mini-vacation in our headphones. * the fader

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  1. this download link is for an unmastered version of the album -- the mastered version sounds a lot better, and the records come with download coupons

    these are direct links to buy the record - ships monday June 28th:

    from OESB:

    from Julian: