Friday, May 21, 2010

Pan A Sonic - Osasto EP(1996) & Aaltopiiri (2000)

Claiming influences from Suicide, Throbbing Gristle, Einstürzende Neubautenor even Pierre Henry, Pan Sonic don’t deal in classic electronica or digital sound processing. Instead, they extract sounds from their machines with caution, carefully placing them in each song.

To celebrate their newest release
"Gravitoni" here are two of my favourite releases by these outstanding sound-artists.

First there is my first encounter to them from 1996. It's their EP
"Osasto" and it consists of 4 tracks. Hard, distorted beats overlaid with abrasive textures and minimal modular noodlings over the top. Very hypnotic, trippy, though very fast in parts. This got me totally addicted and I never wanted to be cured from that.

And then there is
"Aaltopiiri" from 2000. It is more intimate than its predecessors, but also more accessible in many ways. Though far from being easy to listen to the duo’s more mature approach to their work gives this album an organic feel. Using improvisation as a basis for their work, they let their inspiration take over, inserting beat patterns only when necessary, allowing space and time in each track.

Get them here:

Panasonic - "Osasto EP" (256Kbps)
Pan Sonic - "Aaltopiiri" (320Kbps)
And enjoy !

PS: After some legal problems with the corporation of the same name they dropped the A in the middle. Just to name their next album exactly that: "A" !

PPS: Get their collaboration with
Keiji Haino down here !

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