Monday, September 20, 2010

Charalambides - Three Lane Blacktop (two-lane blacktop 2010)

Limited to 300 copies LP that bundles a bunch of great performances from the first Charalambides trio line-up featuring Tom and Christina Carter alongside Jason Bill (later of Migrantes). Two full sets that catch the group breaking out from their early Texas-psych sound into a whole new free/folk mutant, with Christina’s jubilant, spooked vocals over rattlesnake guitar and a wash of F/X. Still one of the most important – if relatively unsung – underground rock groups of the past decade plus. First side features “Strangle The Wretched Heavens” and “A Mile Is Just 5,000 Miles” recorded live at The Cooler in NYC in 1994. The flip presents their performance at 1994’s Siltfest in Philadelphia and runs through “Namaste”, “House With 3 Sides” and “Someday You’ll Get Yours”. A beautiful document of the inspired flux of the 90s underground.

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