Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy Jandek Sundays (a promise...)

September is ROCK !!!

I heard this some time ago. I thought it was 2 weeks ago or something... This stuck in my head like a small cancer in me that scratches me and want to eat me alive as long as i can't see it or feel it.
So today is monday, a not so HAPPY MONDAY indeed... If i felt more suicidal than i usually do i could post an ABBA record, or even BETTER something from U2 so you can kiss goodbuy to this blog for good...

One thing is certain, that September is not ROCK, September is still hot and September is just shit by the facts...If i have to make one month rock this will be.... October for no reason just the fact that October is the most Anti-September month... Even more than November or any other month. In other words so close but so far away (and that's a laugh... not a good one)

I will not rest 'till the gray and naughty weather comes again so i can feel properly depressed and continue my Crazy Jandek Sundays at Brother Ray Says (tm) Loads of Laughs now please!

Finally if you are like me and you only read the last pages of a newspaper (the horoscope) you can see for your self (whatever is your zodiac sign) that September is NOT rock at all...

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