Monday, September 27, 2010

Jacques De Villiers - More Wind For Lonely Suburbs EP (2010)

This EP was suggested to me last night as a comment in an older album i've posted some time ago. Sent to me by Jacques De Villiers and he was asking me to upload this here. I thought what the heck... i rarelly ask for peoples opinion whenever i post their creations so i felt the urgent to post this...
About music now... with a little search i found these:
South African pianist, video artist and sound manipulator, born in 1986. Working on his own, De Villiers constructs dreamy soundscapes and melancholy washes of sound that blur the distinction between melody and noise.
In my opinion this is a nice Lo-Fi EP and it needs to be heard. It's not new but it worths a try and the time that you need to get in your hard drive 20 something megabytes make it even more tempting. If you are in a bitter sweet mood give it a try and you might want to try something more from Jacques De Villiers.

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