Sunday, November 15, 2009

Burial & Four Tet - Moth / Wolf Cub (2009)

Now then. There’s some dream collaborations that you’d probably sell yr granny, or at least her thimble & china elephant collection for but who’d have thought a 12″ knees up ‘twix Fourtet & shady non-Sun reading grimester Burial would suddenly occur out of the blue. ‘Wolf Cub’ has a beautiful tribal rhythm with it’s roots in two-step garage but instead of the paranoid urban hiss, crackle & ghostly atmospherics of Burial’s own tunes you merely get a suggestion of a disembodied flutter of spectral female vocal (right near the end!) but most of the tune’s “body” is quite reminiscent of some of Hebden’s finest work, that chiming, cascading kaleidoscopic wall of SOUND that he builds so lovingly and distinctively. ‘Moth’ is quite different, slightly less immediate but no less rich in texture and soul. The beat is quite understated and house-y, yet powerful. It’s got this really great muted melody running through it that gives it a dubby house feel and then there’s the gentlest sprinklings of chinks, chimes, atmospherics and “urban” magic but although this feels more along Burial’s minimal lines it’s definitely a “sun’s breaking over the rooftops and lighting up last night’s freshly painted graffiti by the railway lines..” vibe and not nearly as bleak & rain soaked sounding as his own output. Kevin Saunderson & some of the better Kompakt stuff have been mentioned.
1. Moth
2.Wolf Cub

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