Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tartarus - ΧΑΟΣ (private 2008)

ΧΑΟΣ in ancient Greece meant the initial state of the universe, and by extension space, darkness and abyss.
Those are the exact words that can describe ΧΑΟΣ by Tartarus. This cd-r (limited to 50) recorded in a cloudless night at the winter of 2008. The Mastermind behind this medieval creation is Tefkros who performed all of the instruments in this release as he recorded also the whole album by himself. The sound is bleak and raw as the creator of this discribes it as Supreme Hellenic Black Arts. If you are into obscure you should check Tartarus... if not... your loss... Brother Ray will sure wait to hear some more works from Tefkros in the near future.


1.From The Past
2.Pagan Massacre
4.Reaper (Hellhammer cover)
5. S/M (sadistic mass) *bonus

A video for the track "From The Past" here

Download (artwork included)

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