Sunday, November 22, 2009

Homeless Trees - 5 Track EP (private 2007)

Homeless Trees is a private 5 track EP from Greece that was written in 2007 and never been releashed. As i've seen a performance of Homeless Trees this summer i was searching to get my hands into that little thing that the artist behind this one man band refers as emo folk rock psychedelic country gospel hard core underworld gun junkies criminal fugitives progressive gothic death metal nice greek free and easy band. If that is not the most exact describe genre that you ever heard for a record that you NEVER heard, then what is it?
Behind the wirlwind of all those musical "labels" the band (as the sound in it) is quite clear as the sweet and warm country vibrations really get you in the end. At my opinion this EP has an inner light that misses from most of the bands today... Enjoy!

You can see the official video for the opening track Wheels (Gram Parsons) here

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