Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Machinefabriek - Marijin (2006) / Ranonkel (2008)

Fizzing glockenspiel tones light a melodic causeway across a minuscule, infinitely graceful backdrop of high frequency sine tones, crackle and slow chords. It's a real keeper, definitely among the very finest of Zuydervelt's compositions. If you've grown a little sceptical of the Machinefabriek quality control system of late, here's the antidote. A series of more streamlined drones follows, although the overall feel is one of methodical, well thought out composition rather than off-the cuff tonal layering: 'Stofstuktoon' resonates like an orchestra of perpetually sustaining Tibetan prayer bowls, eventually sliding away into near silence populated only by a protracted static hiss.

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