Friday, November 13, 2009

Sotiris Debonos - Film Musik 10'' E.P. (Puzzlemusik 2007)

This is a 10" vinyl-only release coming out in 500 numbered copies (and 25 numbered promo copies). It also includes a cd-r with the tracks in mp3 format and a video art inspired by the Film Musik tracks. The video art is captured and edited by Socos (of Socos & The Live Project Band). This is the musik for a film that was never shot. Cinematic, minimal, improvisation - call it what you may. It transforms every time that you hear it. And although classical guitar, violin and viola, nei, and percussion are the key instruments, you could swear that what you hear is... electronica. Anyway... Who cares about a description when you can hear the real thing...
01. 5.32
02. 2.36
03. 1.34
04. 3.34
05. 4.38
06. 5.53

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