Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Εμβατήρια Και Σαλπίσματα Μουσικής Πολεμικού Ναυτικού 1880-2010 (Μουσική πολεμικού ναυτικού 2010)

This album came to me as a gift last night from my dear friend Tefkros from Tartarus. I honestly tried to listen to it but it was too annoying for me to bare, so i thought what the fuck! I could upload this for fun and to prove how gay is the greek army. I had the shame to join it for one very long year of my life...
About music now, this cd is just a piece of shit! So shit i couldn't find the strenght not to upload it...So i dare anyone who is geting off bed in the morning with Massona and sleeping his day away with Prurient to get this and give it a try...
By the way if Thurston Moore is proud to cover Yanni, why should't i be able to post this? lol

P.S. i will not upload anything like this in the future!

Download if you can handle it !


  1. File GAMAEI!!!! Thanx!!!
    Vinilio i cd einai?