Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Current 93 - Lucifer Over London (1994)

"LUCIFER OVER LONDON Parts I and II were inspired primarily by the short story "The Tower Of Moab" by Leslie Allin lewis (1899-1961), found in his superlative collection Tales Of The Grotesque, (Philip Alan, 1934; Ghost Story Press, 1994), although the ideas and images in the song are primarily my own. Vocals - David Michael Tibet by the Grace of God, and John Balance by the Grace of Austin Osman Spare and the Zos Kia Cultus. He thanks the gods that be he sees for Hinself as no othr seeth him. I thank God that I do. Guitars, bass, tambourine - Michael Cashmore by the Grace of Gnoddy. Second guitar - David Kenny by the Grace Of Energy. Black Sabbath - Nick Saloman by the Grace of the Bevis Frond. This song is dedicated to my dear friend Richard Dalby, who delves still.

SAD GO ROUND was written by Tony (T.S.) McPhee and appeared on his Groundhog's Solid album in 1974. Acoustic guitar and bass - Michael Cashmore. lead guitar and electric dulcimer - Nick Saloman. Vocals - David Michael. This song is dedicated to Rosemary Pardoe, the editor of Ghost and Scholars, my favourite magazine.

THE SEVEN SEALS ARE REVEALED AT THE END OF TIME AS SEVEN BOWS: THE BLOODBOW, THE PISSBOW, THE PAINBOW, THE FAMINEBOW, THE DEATHBOW, THE ANGERBOW AND THE HOHOHOBOW was written as a sequel to John Balance's introduction to Coil's Horse Rotovator album. Once I looked at the starres and they were all blood. This song is dedicated to the Soul of my beloved and most dear cat MAO who is dead by the Grace of Lordnothing and sleeps, I pray, in Louis Wain's paradise - bounce the ball still Maoma...I slept I dreamed I dreamt a dream and He still lived. Sometimes I sit alone in my room and stare out of the window beyond beyond and beyond; Christ dances around and around the sun, but it does not stop its circling and neither can I. Vocals - David Michael. Acoustic guitar, bass, melodica and glöckenspiel - Michael Cashmore. Sheep Ventilator Guitar and Secret Weapon"-- Steven Stapleton

*p.s. the only reason i'm posting this is because i finaly got it today.

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