Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ANBB - Mimikry (Raster Noton 2010)

God Blixa's looking a little healthier & fuller of face these days. Doesn't look like he's sprinkling heroin on stale cornflakes every morning, like i'm sure he did once. Instead, he's collaborating with Alva Noto (aka Carsten Nicolai) producing dramatic electronic vistas & passages of aural dystopia that are both brittle & expansive, haunting & challenging. There's definately a Neubauten feel to tracks such as 'Once Again' but they've got this weird glitchy, tonal thing on that is prime Alva Noto. It's like Peter Gabriel having a nervous breakdown at a fetish club in Berlin. I think there's summat strangely kitsch about the previous single 'One', he makes a weird crooner does Bargeld. That track also reminds me of Robert Wyatt in a way, yet I don't think the beardy one would smother a song in frosty electronic pulses & glitchy cowlicks. Dave just asked me what "this bullshit" was. I like it when my colleagues wax lyrical about experimental music so eloquently. So if you want some proper deconstructed minimal techno with occasional industrial overtones or just love the sound of stuttering, fizzing machines intermingled with flecks of neo-classicism & the deranged ramblings of one of Germany's most pioneering avant-garde statesmen then get involved. Not as all over the shop as I was expecting & undeniably powerful & progressive to boot. *Norman Records

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