Thursday, October 14, 2010

Various Artists - Turkish Freakout (bouzouki joe 2010)

Turkey is often referred to as the meeting point between East and West, a statement verified by this 18 track selection of choice Turkish grooves. The western rock, psych, funk and jazz influences that began to be incorporated into traditional Turkish sounds during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s can be heard here, as the Anadolu pop sound of Turkeyma balanced these new elements with the complex sounds and rhythms developed over many years. All tracks are referenced from their original 7" releases, painstakingly tracked down from various sources in and around Istanbul, with extensive liner notes to boot. The marriage of these styles is original, captivating and bound to freak you out, big time. First 1,000 copies of double-vinyl pressing include a limited edition Arif Sag 7” single with vintage sleeve artwork. Essential listening for anyone already whirling dervishly to the output of Sublime Frequencies, World Psychedelic Funk Classics, or Finders Keepers.