Saturday, October 16, 2010

In Trance 95 - Desire To Desire / Brazilia 7" (wipe out! records 1988)

One of the first Greek acts in the late 80's to use electronics only, formed in 1988 by Alex Machairas and Nik Veliotis. Coti K. (their "soundman") and George Geranios completed the line-up and eventually Geranios replaced Veliotis, who became a cello "improvisionist". Eventually the band split in 1996. Alex and George with the addition of Magdalena Sverlander, brought back the band to life in December 2006. After three years of sound experimentation, IT95 got officially reformed in April 2010 with the return of Nik Veliotis. The original core duo Machairas and Veliotis has been together since and within a period of four months finished the recording and mixing of the band's come back album that will be released this autumn and will be entitled "Abovearth".

Alex Machairas: vocals, synthesizer, el.percussion, electronics.
Nikos Veliotis: Synthesizers, guitar, electronics, cello, tapes and vocals
George Geranios: Keyboards, tapes
Magdalena Sverlander: keyboards, additional vocals

In Trance 95 released their first single when there was no such thing as an electronic scene in athens. "Desire to Desire" starts dark and mysterious with a captivating bass synth and a scream kicks in the rhythm as Alex whispers the lyrics in a Cabaret Voltaire manner. The climax follows on an almost electro-pop instrumental chorus placed somehow after the middle of the track with white noise snare in between. On the other side is "Brazilia", electro metronome beauty,almost six different themes of synths altogether coming in and out like waves and cold vocals from both Nik and Alex ending with "Nothing will stay on this land today".
A cold wave minimal electro little treasure on 7inch vinyl,almost impossible to find today unless you are willing to pay a lot. But it is worth all the money. Two timeless electronic hidden classics.


  1. In Trance 95 reformed with original line up of Alex Machairas and Nikos Veliotis and return with a new album entitled “Abovearth” as well as a gig in Athens, the beginning of 2011. There is also a compilation TBR entitled "Cities of Steel and Neon" with their early tapes compiled by Minimal Wave's Veronica Vasicka.

  2. By any chance is the new album going to be out on vinyl format?