Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mv & Ee - Muskie & Manitou (brave mysteries 2010)

...this tape presents the mv & ee tour of Summer 2009, fresh from the sweetest spot in the taper's pit. As last Summer was coming to a cool simmer, mv & ee strolled into the collegiate utopia of Madison, Wisconsin; to perform at a tiny art gallery for their faithful Midwestern brethren. The room was packed with flannel-clad friendlies and the atmosphere was thick and balmy, as Matt mumbled his way to the opening heatstroke of "Summer Magic", the micro-brewed smiles crept across all our faces, and we were all real gone for a change. This tape effortlessly captures the magic of that evening and and opens the portal, gazing back into the hypnotic waves of Matt and Erika's secret mountain bonfire. *brave mysteries

Download removed by request


  1. This is still readily available from the label. Please consider purchasing a copy.

  2. Pretty much sold out, you can repost. Only 1 or 2 copies left for your die-hards out there!